Fusebox OpenForums
Welcome to the [somewhat sparse] homepage of Fusebox OpenForums.

The idea of this project is to provide a free (as in beer) Open Source forums application, compliant with the FB3 specification. The project will remain free, and from the initial codebase I will continue to add features and extensibility whenever possible - please jump in with your requests, suggestions and any code / patches - I'd like to make openForums as feature rich as possible, but while still allowing all extensions to be optional for the developer.

The Project Page contains links to downloads, feature request/bug trackers
patch submission systems etc. Please make use of everything that's there - join the mailing list to keep up to date with what's ocurring. If you have any ideas, extra code, bug fixes or improvements please share them with the rest of us.

  • Multiple Forums
  • Simple external security integration
  • Switch Databses by changing the value of a single setting (query sets are available for Oracle and MS SQL Server - MSAccess, PostGreSQL and mySQL coming soon)
  • Themes (colours, styles, buttons)
  • Well abstracted code, allowing quick easy changes to the entire look and feel
  • Thread Archiving
  • Thread Locking
  • Message editing/reply/quote
  • easy integration of user personalisation systems
The default theme included in fbOpenForums is quite simple - if anyone feels like submitting themes please go right ahead, as the more choice there is the better.

Since I posted to the Fusebox lists, a lot of people have offered to purchase openForums. Much as I'd like to sell the application, I want to release it free and unfortunately I can't do both at once. Of course donations of any sort are more than welcome if you feel the application is useful to you, so if you feel the urge to donate money or old hardware or just a friendly email - drop me a line.

Thank you muchly to the people at SourceForge for the hosting and the use of their systems, and huge thanks to all in the Fusebox community, as you've helped my code and career enormously.

Toby Tremayne
Lyricist Software
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